Alberto Cincotti

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OBJECTIVES Stem cell therapies based on differentiation of adult or embryonic stem cells into specialized ones appear to be effective for treating several human diseases. This work addresses the mathematical simulation of proliferation kinetics of stem cells. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sheep bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (phenotype characterized by flow(More)
In biotechnology and biomedicine reliable models of cell proliferation kinetics need to capture the relevant phenomena taking place during the mitotic cycle. To this aim, a novel mathematical model helpful to investigate the intrinsic kinetics of in vitro culture of adherent cells up to confluence is proposed in this work. Specifically, the attention is(More)
Based on the general theoretical model developed in Part I of this work, a series of numerical simulations related to the in vitro proliferation kinetics of adherent cells is here presented. First the complex task of assigning a specific value to all the parameters of the proposed population balance (PB) model is addressed, by also highlighting the(More)
A novel methodology is proposed for investigating the effect of the pulsed electric current during the spark plasma sintering (SPS) of electrically conductive powders without potential misinterpretation of experimental results. First, ensemble configurations (geometry, size and material of the powder sample, die, plunger and spacers) are identified where(More)
The removal of organic species from aqueous solution by activated carbons is investigated. The latter ones are prepared from olive husks and almond shells. A wide range of surface area values are obtained varying temperature and duration of both carbonization and activation steps. The adsorption isotherm of phenol, catechol and 2,6-dichlorophenol involving(More)
This study focuses on analysis of in vitro cultures of chondrocytes from ovine articular cartilage. Isolated cells were seeded in Petri dishes, then expanded to confluence and phenotypically characterized by flow cytometry. The sigmoidal temporal profile of total counts was obtained by classic haemocytometry and corresponding cell size distributions were(More)
A novel mathematical model to simulate stem cells differentiation into specialized cells of non-connective tissues is proposed. The model is based upon material balances for growth factors coupled with a mass-structured population balance describing cell growth, proliferation and differentiation. The proposed model is written in a general form and it may be(More)
Cryopreservation includes a set of techniques aimed at storing biological samples and preserving their biochemical and functional features without any significant alterations. This study set out to investigate the effects induced by cryopreservation on cultured sheepskin fibroblasts (CSSF) through cryomicroscopy and gene expression analysis after subsequent(More)
Typical mathematical modeling of cryopreservation of cell suspensions assumes a thermodynamic equilibrium between the ice and liquid water in the extracellular solution. This work investigates the validity of this assumption by introducing a population balance approach for dynamic extracellular ice formation (EIF) in the absence of any cryo-protectant agent(More)
The possibility of exploiting self-propagating reactions for environmental protection is discussed in this paper. In particular, results obtained at the laboratory scale and related to the fixation and consolidation of high level radioactive wastes, the recycling of silicon sludge and aluminum dross produced by semiconductor industries and aluminum(More)