Alberto Centurioni

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Brief Intervention (BI) for hazardous drinkers at a Primary Health Care (PHC) level can be implemented during the interaction between a GP and his/her client in a range of contexts and opportunities, the GP's office being a primary context. Communication skills are needed for professionals in order to deliver the BI and they should be familiar with(More)
The perception of Italian GPs on alcohol problems has changed in recent decades, but it is still inclined to make a too clear-cut distinction between normal drinkers without any problem and hopeless alcoholics, according to an ongoing cultural tradition. On the other hand, according to consistent observation during the last 25 years, the identification of(More)
A community project aiming to promote responsible drinking and to prevent alcohol use-related problems in three districts of Scandicci, a town west of Florence, was undertaken between 2000 and 2004. The community totaled 21,851 residents. Among other initiatives, 8,000 carousels that provided information on different levels of alcohol consumption and more(More)
Within a community action research program, messages for the community population can be conveyed through already existing channels (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio) or special tools can be created. As part of the Rifredi Health District (16,900 inhabitants), Florence, Italy, Community Alcohol Action Research Project, 5,500 alcohol carousels (translated(More)
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