Alberto Cavicchioli

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An assay has been developed to determine S-phenylcysteine (SPC) in globin as a potential biomarker for exposure to benzene. The sensitivity of the assay is less than 20 pmol SPC g(-1) globin. Following acidic hydrolysis of the protein, the modified amino acid is purified by reverse phase cartridge chromatography and HPLC, prior to conversion to the(More)
We construct a Heegaard diagram of genus three for the real projective 3-space, which has no waves and pairs of complementary handles. The first example was given by Im and Kim but our diagram has smaller complexity. Furthermore the proof presented here is quite different to that of the quoted authors, and permits also to obtain a simple alternative proof(More)
We prove that each dosed connected 3-manifold admits particular crystallizations with nice properties. As a consequence all 3-manifolds can be represented by a positive integer b and a fixed-point-free involutory permutation on Z b x Z 6. Other 3-manifold representations are also obtained. Finally, a family of dosed connected 3-manifolds is studied. 1.(More)