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The hepatic clearance of D-sorbitol, a natural polyol which is metabolized by the liver, was studied in normal and cirrhotic subjects after bolus intravenous injection (2 g) and during constant infusion (54 mg/min) with the aim of providing a noninvasive and simple measure of functional liver plasma flow. The high hepatic extraction of D-sorbitol and the(More)
Several cross-sectional studies have reported a positive correlation between muscle strength and local bone mineral density. However, very few studies have evaluated the possible role of confounding variables, which may be substantial as both bone mineral density and muscle strength are multifactorial variables. We studied 140 postmenopausal women who(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of a single home visit by an occupational therapist in the reduction of fall risk after hip fracture in elderly women. DESIGN Quasi-randomized controlled trial. PARTICIPANTS Ninety-five women aged 60 years or older, living in the community, who sustained a fall-related hip fracture. METHODS The women were(More)
Portal-systemic shunting is an important circulatory abnormality in patients with cirrhosis. This study explores the potential of the natural polyol D-sorbitol as test compound for non-invasive assessment of shunting. Ten normal subjects, 10 patients with cirrhosis and 12 cirrhotics with surgical portacaval shunts were studied after oral and intravenous(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the functional recovery and the rehabilitation length of stay after the sequential fracture of both hips in elderly patients. DESIGN A total of 372 in-patients with hip fractures consecutively admitted to our rehabilitation hospital were included in this retrospective study. A total of 333 out of 372 were admitted for rehabilitation(More)
The incidence of synchronous carcinoma of colon-rectus is rising in relation to a greater oncogenic environmental charge and increased average life expectancy. There is also a risk of not recognising the disease (especially small carcinoma or multicentric neoplasm). After a Literature review, two clinical cases are described by the authors. They recommend(More)
Blood BSP kinetics was studied by compartmental analysis in 10 normal subjects, 11 cirrhotic patients, and nine patients suffering from obstructive jaundice. Plasma levels of both free and conjugated BSP were determined at different times after intravenous injection of a standard dose (5 mg/kg body weight) of the dye. A six-compartment model was found(More)
Soft tissue body composition strongly affects bone health. Our aim was to investigate the relationship between both skeletal muscle mass (SMM) and fat mass (FM) and femoral bone mineral density (BMD) in a sample of elderly women with hip fracture. We assessed 293 of 325 hip fracture women admitted consecutively to a rehabilitation hospital. Soft tissue body(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Several studies showed that cervical and trochanteric hip fractures were associated with different levels of bone mineral density (BMD). Our aim was to investigate the association between femur BMD and hip fracture type at different ages. METHODS We studied 300 postmenopausal women affected by their first hip fracture. 17 women could(More)
There is increasing interest in the effects of vitamin D and parathyroid hormone (PTH) on extraskeletal tissues, including the muscle. These effects may explain impairment in functional ability found in vitamin D-deficient subjects. Our aim was to investigate the roles of vitamin D and PTH in affecting the ability to perform activities of daily living after(More)