Alberto Carpinteri

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A review of the basic theories of scaling in solid mechanics is presented. The problem of scaling is approached through dimensional analysis, laws of thermodynamics and asymptotic matching. Definitive conclusions on the relative importance of various sources of size effect (energy release, Weibull statistics, and crack fractality) tlrc drawn. The size(More)
We have previously reported that a universal growth law, as proposed by West and collaborators for all living organisms, appears to be able to describe also the growth of tumors in vivo after an initial exponential growth phase. In contrast to the assumption of a fixed power exponent p (assumed by West et al. to be equal to 3/4), we propose in this paper a(More)
We perform a comparative statistical analysis between the acoustic-emission time series from the ancient Greek Athena temple in Syracuse and the sequence of nearby earthquakes. We find an apparent association between acoustic-emission bursts and the earthquake occurrence. The waiting-time distributions for acoustic-emission and earthquake time series are(More)
Many ancient masonry towers are present in Ital-ian territory. In some cases these structures are at risk on account of the intensity of the stresses they are subjected to due to the high level of regional seismicity. In order to preserve this inestimable cultural heritage, a sound safety assessment should take into account the evolution of damage(More)
Thousands of multiscale stochastic simulations are carried out in order to perform the first in-silico tensile tests of carbon nanotube (CNT)-based macroscopic cables with varying length. The longest treated cable is the space-elevator megacable but more realistic shorter cables are also considered in this bottom-up investigation. Different sizes, shapes,(More)
Extensive research and studies on concrete fracture and failure have shown that concrete should be viewed as a quasi-brittle material having a size-dependent behaviour. Numerous experimental techniques have been employed to evaluate fracture processes, and a number of modelling approaches have been developed to predict fracture behaviour. The(More)
Experimental and numerical results are presented for a fracture experiment carried out on a fiber-reinforced element under flexural loading, and a statistical analysis is performed for acoustic emission waiting-time distributions. By an optimization procedure, a recently proposed scaling law describing these distributions for different event magnitude(More)
We examine an application of Acoustic Emission (AE) technique for a probabilistic analysis in time and space of earthquakes, in order to preserve the valuable Italian Renaissance Architectural Complex named "The Sacred Mountain of Varallo." Among the forty-five chapels of the Renaissance Complex, the structure of the Chapel XVII is of particular concern due(More)
The paper reviews some recent numerical applications for the interpretation and exploitation of acoustic emission (AE) monitoring results obtained from historical masonry structures and materials. Among possible numerical techniques, the finite element method and the distinct method are considered. The analyzed numerical models cover the entire scale range,(More)