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BACKGROUND Scientists and experts in science policy have become increasingly interested in strengthening translational research. Efforts to understand the nature of translational research and monitor policy interventions face an obstacle: how can translational research be defined in order to facilitate analysis of it? We describe methods of scientometric(More)
The translation of laboratory innovations into clinical tools is dependent upon the development of regulatory arrangements designed to ensure that the new technology will be used reliably and consistently. A case study of a key post-genomic technology, gene chips or microarrays, exemplifies this claim. The number of microarray publications and patents has(More)
By drawing on recent studies of computing in the interactionist tradition, and more particularly on the notion of due process, the paper presents a case study of the introduction of office automation in Quebec colleges. Failures to reach negotiated agreements about conflicting representations of ongoing work processes in software systems are categorized by(More)
This article traces the history of research on resistance to drug therapy in oncology using scientometric techniques and qualitative analysis. Using co-citation analysis, we generate maps to visualize subdomains in resistance research in two time periods, 1975-1990 and 1995-2010. These maps reveal two historical trends in resistance research: first, a shift(More)
Historians have long recognized that medical prognosis, along with diagnosis and treatment , constitute the backbone of clinical medicine. 1 They have observed, for example, that even in the depths of late-nineteenth-century therapeutic nihilism, physicians did not hesitate to prognosticate.2 Medical sociologists have recently identified an increasing(More)
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