Alberto Brunete

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* This work is supported by the Spanish " Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología " (project TAMAI – TIC2001 – 3838 – C03 – 03).. Abstract-The inspection of low diameter pipes is a subject of great complexity due to the small operation environment in which the tasks must be developed. Besides, the construction of microrobots for specific pipe inspection is too(More)
This paper presents the architecture used to develop a micro-robot for narrow pipes inspection. Both the electromechanical design and the control scheme will be described. In pipe environments it is very useful to have a method to retrieve information of the state of the inside part of the pipes in order to detect damages, breaks and holes. Due to the(More)
— A 2 degrees of freedom module for pipe inspection modular micro-robots based on servomotors is presented in this article. A mechanical and electrical description of the module is also given, including the kinematics and the close control loop design to detect obstacles (walls). The main configurations in which it can be used are described as well:(More)
—In order to create effective storytelling agents three fundamental questions must be answered: first, is a physically embodied agent preferable to a virtual agent or a voice-only narration? Second, does a human voice have an advantage over a synthesised voice? Third, how should the emotional trajectory of the different characters in a story be related to a(More)
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