Alberto Bosio

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New memory production modern technologies introduce new classes of faults usually referred to as Dynamic Memory Faults. Although some hand-made March Tests to deal with these new faults have been published, the problem of automatically generate March Tests for Dynamic Faults has still to be addressed. In this paper we propose a new approach to automatically(More)
What is the probability that the execution state of a given microprocessor running a given application is correct, in a certain working environment with a given soft-error rate? Trying to answer this question using fault injection can be very expensive and time consuming. This paper proposes the baseline for a new methodology, based on microprocessor error(More)
At-speed scan testing has become mandatory due to the extreme CMOS technology scaling. The two main atspeed scan testing schemes are namely Launch-Off-Shift (LOS) and Launch-Off-Capture (LOC). As it can be easily implemented, LOC has been widely investigated in the literature in the last few years, especially regarding test power consumption. Conversely,(More)
Yield and reliability are two key factors affecting costs and profits in the semiconductor industry. Stress testing is a technique based on the application of higher than usual levels of stress to speed up the deterioration of electronic devices and increase yield and reliability. One of the standard industrial approaches for stress testing is high(More)