Alberto Borghetti

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The paper presents a simple and effective Lagrangian relaxation approach for the solution of the optimal short-term unit commitment problem in hydrothermal power-generation systems. The proposed approach, based on a disaggregated Bundle method for the solution of the dual problem, with a new warm-starting procedure, achieves accurate solutions in few(More)
The paper presents a fault location procedure for distribution networks based on the wavelet analysis of the fault-generated traveling waves. In particular, the proposed procedure implements the continuous wavelet analysis applied to the voltage waveforms recorded during the fault in correspondence of a network bus. In order to improve the wavelet analysis,(More)
The paper describes the performances of a phasor measurement unit (PMU) prototype based on a synchrophasor estimation algorithm conceived for the monitoring of active distribution networks, as well as its experimental application during some intentional islanding and reconnection tests of an urban medium voltage power network. With respect to typical(More)
Recent power quality studies have been focused on the source-identification of voltage disturbances at distribution network busses. This paper describes a method aimed at correlating indirect-lightning events with power systems relay operations, associated with voltage dips. The proposed method, based on the coordinated use of the Italian lightning location(More)
The paper presents a microcontroller-based power management system (PMS) designed for the online operation of an experimental low voltage microgrid equipped with a battery storage system and two power supplies: a kilowatt (kW)-class proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell (FC) and a photovoltaic (PV) module emulator, both connected to a low voltage ac(More)
The paper presents a procedure for fault location in distribution networks, based on the use of the integrated time-frequency wavelet decompositions of the voltage transients associated with the fault-originated travelling waves. The proposed analysis of time-frequency wavelet decompositions has been found to improve the identification accuracy of the(More)
The paper deals with the solution of the optimal short-term unit commitment (UC) problem in an electric power system. The optimization model takes into account the main operating constraints and physical characteristics of the power generation system. A comparison between Lagrangian heuristics and Tabu Search techniques on different classes of realistic(More)
The paper illustrates a procedure, based on the continuous-wavelet transform, for the analysis of voltage transients due to line faults and discusses its application to fault location in power distribution networks. The analysis carried out allows us to infer that correlation does exist between some characteristic frequencies of the transformed signal and(More)