Alberto Bonoldi

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BACKGROUND & AIMS Nutritional derangements are common in elderly patients, but how nutritional risk affects outcome in this subset of hospital inpatients deserves further investigation. We evaluated the impact of nutritional risk on length of stay (LOS) and in-hospital weight loss (WL) in elderly patients (>65 yrs). METHODS Nutritional risk was assessed(More)
BACKGROUND Comprehensive evaluations of the nutritional parameters associated with length of hospital stay are lacking. We investigated the association between malnutrition and length of hospital stay in a cohort of ambulatory adult patients. METHODS From September 2006 to June 2009, we systematically evaluated 1274 ambulatory adult patients admitted to(More)
In spite of the many anthropometric, biohumoral, and immunologic parameters employed in the nutritional assessment of hospitalized patients, it is difficult in clinical practice to evaluate accurately the degree and type of malnutrition and to assess the prognostic significance of this determination. The purpose of this study is to evaluate nutritional(More)
The Authors carry out an experimental comparative study on four different suture materials (collagen cromic, polyglactin 910, PDS and nylon), used to perform end-to-end colonic anastomoses. They assess the resistence to the endoluminar pressure. The results show that during the first four days the anastomoses performed with PDS display a vere high(More)
A comparative experimental study was conducted on three different suture techniques for end-to-end colonic anastomoses. The development of stenosis, perivisceral adhesions and resistance to endoluminal pressure were assessed. The results show that the one layer all-coat interrupted stitch anastomosis displays less resistance to endoluminal pressure during(More)
Personal experience with pulse wave Doppler (PWD) at 20 MHz with real time signal spectral analysis in FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), for the valuation of the vascular microanastomosis patency degree is reported. Fifty-nine Sprague-Dawley rats have been studied after abdominal aorta dissection: in 19 (group A) an organic stenosis has been simulated varying(More)
A program listing of a subroutine for conversion of seven human physiological parameters: pH-pO2-pCO2-Hb-Ht-the subject's temperature T and the plasmaprotein content PP into whole blood base excess is detailed for use with a medium seized electronic calculator coupled with a data printer. The operating instructions are also given. The subroutine is(More)
Recent reports provide evidence that cancer is frequently associated with malnutrition and infection. This is particularly evident when the gastrointestinal tract is involved. The purpose of this study is to investigate the difference between the nutritional status of patients with gastric cancer and with peptic ulcer, and to determine which of the(More)