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Secure Quantum Key Distribution over 421 km of Optical Fiber.
We present a quantum key distribution system with a 2.5 GHz repetition rate using a three-state time-bin protocol combined with a one-decoy approach. Taking advantage of superconducting single-photonExpand
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Simple 2.5 GHz time-bin quantum key distribution
We present a 2.5 GHz quantum key distribution setup with the emphasis on a simple experimental realization. It features a three-state time-bin protocol based on a pulsed diode laser and a singleExpand
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Finite-key analysis for the 1-decoy state QKD protocol
It has been shown that in the asymptotic case of infinite-key length, the 2-decoy state Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) protocol outperforms the 1- decoy state protocol. Expand
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Simple and high-speed polarization-based QKD
We present a simplified BB84 protocol with only three quantum states and one decoy-state level. We implement this scheme using the polarization degree of freedom at telecom wavelength. Only oneExpand
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Security proof for a simplified Bennett-Brassard 1984 quantum-key-distribution protocol
The security of quantum key distribution (QKD) has been proven for different protocols, in particular for the BB84 protocol. It has been shown that this scheme is robust against eventualExpand
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Detector-device-independent quantum key distribution: Security analysis and fast implementation
We analyze the security of DDI-QKD and elucidate its security assumptions. Expand
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Simple 2.5GHz time-bin quantum key distribution
Since the invention of quantum key distribution (QKD) in 1984 [1] and the first experimental realizations in the 1990s [2], the progress has been constant, and first commercial devices are availableExpand
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Performance and security of 5 GHz repetition rate polarization-based quantum key distribution
We present and characterize a source for a 5 GHz clocked polarization-based simplified BB84 protocol and propose measurements to estimate the relevant parameters. Expand
Quantum key distribution system with 2 . 5 GHz clock rate
Alberto Boaron, ∗ Boris Korzh, Gianluca Boso, Raphael Houlmann, 2 Charles Ci Wen Lim, Ming-Jun Li, Daniel Nolan, and Hugo Zbinden Group of Applied Physics, University of Geneva, Chemin de Pinchat 22,Expand
Progress on Quantum Key Distribution using Ultralow Loss Fiber
We use a 2.5 GHz clocked quantum key Distribution system to perform long-distance and high-speed quantum key distribution. Expand