Alberto Blanco

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The antigenicity of several well established Moloney virus-induced transplantable leukemias was studied. Resistance was developed by pretreatment of isologous mice with x-radiated tumor tissue. In general, the neoplasms grew more rapidly in preirradiated mice (400 r) than in normal mice, and at low inoculum concentrations a higher percentage of tumors was(More)
The impact of immune sera, and peripheral blood cells (PBC) from mice immunized with Plasmodium berghei ookinetes; and of purified immunoglobulin or Fab fragments from anti-Pbs21 monoclonal antibody 13.1, upon establishment of oocyst infections in the mosquito was studied. Infections were initiated either from gametocyte-infected mice, or membrane feeders(More)
The susceptibility to lipoperoxidation in liver of albino and pigmented Xenopus laevis Daudin, has been studied. Albino Xenopus liver was richer in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) than the pigmented one; moreover, it was also richer in mitochondrial superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) and in reduced glutathione (GSH). The thiobarbituric acid-reactive(More)
Radiolabelled methionine incorporation into synchronised Plasmodium berghei gametocytes or ookinete cultures, showed that Pbs21 is not synthesised in bloodstage parasites; synthesis was detected within three hours of induction of gametogenesis; synthesis was triggered at gametogenesis, not by fertilisation. We show native Pbs21 to be a hydrophobic membrane(More)
Most codes for the design of fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) structures are based on the experience achieved throughout the years with steel fibers. Recent codes include the possibility of applying the same considerations for FRC structures with plastic fiber. However, the consequences of assuming identical design considerations regardless of the type of(More)
An ECG compression technique which achieves very low bit rates of is 12bps is presented. Principal Component Analysis (-PCA) is used prior to identifying non-linear relationships between the orthonormal eigenvectors. Polynomials are used to approximate higher index transformed coefficients from lower ones. Reconstruction is similar to that used in the(More)
Nowadays, several tunnels bored with Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) are already in service and various dozens are being constructed around the world. The internal support of these usually consist of precast concrete segmental rings with a low – moderate amount of concrete since these elements are mainly compressed in service conditions and low tensile(More)
Fibre reinforced concrete has been used in concrete structures without any additional reinforcement when the design is determined by transient load stages (e.g. precast segments for tunnels), in elements with favourable boundary conditions or structures subjected to low load levels (e.g. pavements or pipes). The material has been more recently applied as(More)
Resistive plate chambers (RPC) were originally deployed for high energy physics. Realizing how their properties match the needs of nuclear medicine, a LIP team proposed applying RPCs to both preclinical and clinical positron emission tomography (RPC-PET). We show a large-area RPC-PET simulated scanner covering an axial length of 2.4m —slightly superior to(More)
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