Alberto Bianchi

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OBJECTIVES Evaluation of the surgical/orthodontic treatment's stability using rigid internal fixation. METHODS AND MATERIALS Seventeen patients presenting an anterior skeletal openbite, analyzed retrospectively to evaluate stability of surgical-orthodontic treatment using rigid internal fixation: mini plates and screws for maxillary fixation and(More)
A Al lm ma a M Ma at te er r S St tu ud di io or ru um m – – U Un ni iv ve er rs si it tà à d di i B Bo ol lo og gn na a improve intraoperative three-dimensional accuracy and reproducibility during surgery. Simulation Guided Navigation in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery: a new approach to improve intraoperative three-dimensional accuracy and reproducibility(More)
Only a few reports in the literature have described the use of specific instruments for assessing the quality of life in adolescents and young adults with cleft lip and palate (CLP). This condition markedly affects their lifestyle, even after surgical treatment. In the present study, we aimed to develop a quality-of-life assessment tool specifically(More)
HIPS project main research activities are new interaction paradigms navigating Physical Spaces. The system augments the user physical constraint with a contestualised and dynamically generated information, thanks to a suitable wireless connection. The information related to the user actual and previous position, is delivered after a coherent use of infrared(More)
The evolution of the mobile communication systems is paving the way towards the development of new information services. At present Location Based Services (LBS) are gaining momentum since they allow the provision of mobile users with information related at their positions that, therefore, can help them on the move. The access to an information system is(More)