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This study investigated aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) contamination in dairy cow feed and the risk management of AFB1 content in concentrates undertaken by feed industries in the Parmigiano Reggiano area. Data on aflatoxin contamination risk management applied in 29 feed industries were collected and the AFB1 content of 70 feed samples was analysed. Data were(More)
Gossypol is a yellow pigment occurring in all parts of cotton plants, with the highest levels found in seeds, and it exhibits a variety of toxic effects. Few data are available on the content of gossypol in the commercial complementary feed and in feed raw materials. The present study was focused on the investigation of the presence of free gossypol in(More)
Solving the problem of locating services in a given context requires a methematical abstraction so that its complexity can be managed by means of an iterative search through context simulations. Keeping the interface between planners and the model within planners' knowledge domain is achieved by an interactive tool that encourages exploration and comparison(More)
This paper presents the overall structure of PAPIA2, a pyramid system belonging to the family of massive parallel machines. It embeds the topology of the quad-pyramid into a highly regular, fault tolerant, eight-connected processor array by means of specially reconfigurable near-neighbor interconnections. The system comes with a fully-fledged software(More)