Alberto Ascia

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The paper focuses on the manufacturing technology of modular components for large-area tactile sensors, which are made of arrays of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) piezoelectric polymer taxels integrated on flexible PCBs. PVDF transducers were chosen for the high electromechanical transduction frequency bandwidth (up to 1 kHz for the given application).(More)
The development and realization of micropipettes and micropumps has captured the interest of people working in both biomedical and chemical areas for the capability of managing very low quantity of liquid (drug, biological liquid or expensive reagent) as well as everyone interested in controlling small flows for dedicated applications. In this paper a novel(More)
Magnetic bioassay is becoming of great interest in several application including magnetic separation, drug delivery, hyperthermia treatments, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetic labelling. The latter can be used to localize bio-entities (e.g. cancer tissues) by using magnetic markers and high sensitive detectors. To this aim SQUIDs can be adopted,(More)
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