Alberto Arteta Albert

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There were four general and eight sectional sessions of the Society, at which three addresses and ninety-three research papers (fifty-nine in person) were given. All sessions were in Jordan Hall, Butler University , except the Gibbs Lecture, which was held in the ballroom of the Antlers Hotel. Arrangements for the meetings were made by a committee of which(More)
T he abstract study of projective geometry first arose in the work of J.-V. Poncelet (1822) and K. von Staudt (1847). About 100 years ago, axiomatic frameworks were developed by several people, in-It was a very active branch of mathematics during 1900–1935, and a partial list of people then in this field reads like a " Who's Who of Mathematics " : about 50(More)
Two quaternion division algebras have a common quadratic subfield if their tensor product contains zero-divisors. Let Qx and 02 be quaternion division algebras over a field K. If Qx, Q2 have a common quadratic subfield, it is evident that Qxi Q2 contains zero-divisors (all tensor products are taken over K). In this note we shall prove that the converse is(More)
A Steiner system of type t-d-n is a collection, 3D, of subsets of a set 5 satisfying: (i) The cardinality of S is n. (ii) Each subset in 3D has cardinality d. (iii) Every subset of S of cardinality t is contained in precisely one subset in 3D. Here t, d, and n are positive integers satisfying t<d<n. Two Steiner systems, 5, 3D and S', 3D' are called(More)
This paper presents some connectionist models that are widely used to solve NP-problems. Most well known numeric models are Neu-ral Networks that are able to approximate any function or classify any pattern set provided numeric information is injected into the net. Neural Nets usually have a supervised or unsupervised learning stage in order to perform(More)
The SLOOP Project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This booklet reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. INTRODUCTION Vincenza Guzzi (ITSOS Principal) After two years of hard work we are glad to present the results of(More)
The state of American mathematics in the year 1890 was quite bleak. Only two schools offered true graduate education, Both were new, Hopkins having been founded in 1876 and Clark in 1889. When compared to their counterparts in Europe, the courses taught at the vast majority of Amer-ican universities were paltry, the spirit of research almost nonexistent,(More)
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