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Acute myocardial infarction is the second cause of mortality in most countries, therefore, it is important to know the evolution and sequence of the physiological and biochemical changes involved in(More)
Background:Hypoestrogenic (HE) women are one of the most vulnerable groups for the development of obesity and its complications. Capsaicin and exercise have demonstrated to reduce body weight and to(More)
American trypanosomiasis: In situ and generalized features of parasitism and inflammation kinetics in a murine model. Experimental Parasitology 83, 267-274. Mimicking the natural conditions of(More)
We have proposed that controlled peroxidative modifications of membranes could be playing a role in the early steps of liver regeneration. Hence, lipid peroxidation (LP) was modified in vivo by(More)
Fatty heart or “adipositas cordis” had been known to clinicians for more than 200 years [1,2]. Although Laënnec stated 200 years ago that “it would be logical to think this condition may produce(More)
The dog is considered the main domestic reservoir for Trypanosoma cruzi infection and a suitable experimental animal model to study the pathological changes during the course of Chagas disease (CD).(More)