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Acknowledgements We are grateful to Alessandra Cusan of UNICEF ICDC for very able and patient research assistance, to Veèernek for their help in various ways in assembling and interpreting data on the transition period, and to Tony Atkinson and FranHois Bourguignon for comments. Sections 2.2-2.5 draw heavily on joint work by Micklewright with A. B.(More)
References [1] M. A-Razzak and R. C. Glen. Applications of rule-induction in the derivation of quantitative structure-activity relationships. Efficient generation, storage, and manipulation of fully flexible pharmacophore multiplets and their use in 3-D similarity searching. [5] J. Aires-de Sousa and J. Gasteiger. Prediction of enantiomeric excess in a(More)
regulating Rac1 activity during neurite outgrowth and other cellular morphological events. Because cell migration and axon outgrowth in Caenorhabiditis elegans involves the Elmo and Dock180 homologues CED-12 and CED-5, as well as the Trio homologue UNC-73 (refs 22, 23), we speculate that MIG-2, which is a target GTPase of UNC-73 and is also involved in cell(More)
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Philips Finmeccanica KUKA R U Robots texte Foreword FOREWORD This document was prepared by the EUROP executive board and steering board, involving the expertise of over 70 EUROP members.
(1991). Harpoons and long sticks: The interaction of theory and similarity in rule induction. Discovering rules from large collections of examples: A case study. Learning by being told and learning from examples: An experimental comparison of the two methods of knowledge acquisition in the context of developing an expert system for soybean disease(More)