Albert Ziegler

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Inhibitory control (including response inhibition and interference control) develops rapidly during the preschool period and is important for early cognitive development. This study aimed to determine the training and transfer effects on response inhibition in young children. Children in the training group (N = 20; 12 boys, mean age 4.87 ± 0.26 years)(More)
This article presents a generalisation of the two main methods for obtaining class models of constructive set theory. Heyting models are a generalisation of the Boolean models for classical set theory which are a kind of forcing, while realizability is a decidedly constructive method that has first been develloped for number theory by Kleene and was later(More)
Tetraplegic patients with physiologically complete cervical spinal cord transsection are classic ablation models of sympathetic denervation. Therefore this study was conducted to investigate the hemodynamic response (blood pressure, cardiac rate) and the plasma catecholamine (adrenaline, noradrenaline) release induced by a standardized psychomental stress(More)
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