Albert Wee Kwan Tan

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This chapter provides an overview on the use of business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce by Singapore companies as a means of streamlining their procurement and transportation activities. Specifically, it addresses how Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Internet have proliferated in Singapore from 1990 to the present, and the efforts needed to sustain its(More)
As the number of using 3PL providers are increasing rapidly in recent years, 3PL providers play a major role in the logistics industry. Due to customers demands are raising and changing, it has facilitated 3PL providers to invest IT systems that could meet customer requirements and create competitive advantage. The use of IT systems could assist 3PL(More)
abStract Developing countries, opting to pursue services-oriented economies, have invested in information and communication BLOCKINtechnologies BLOCKIN(ICT) BLOCKINto BLOCKINenhance BLOCKINtheir BLOCKINcompetitiveness BLOCKINin BLOCKINthe BLOCKINglobal BLOCKINenvironment. BLOCKIN BLOCKINThis BLOCKINhas called for improved management in both public and(More)
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