Albert Weber

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In 1978, Gass and Scelfo [7] described a peculiar clinical syndrome which they called diffuse unilateral subacute neuroretinitis (DUSN). This syndrome is characterized by progressive unilateral visual loss, vitritis, papillitis, recurrent gray-white retinal lesions, and later diffuse retinalpigment epithelial degeneration. Subretinal nematodes that were(More)
A study of 340 necropsied dairy cattle from northern Bavaria resulted in 31 animals (9%) showing evidence of pyemic thromboembolism. The most frequent pathomorphologic lesions consisted in endocarditis valvularis thromboticans of the tricuspid and/or mitral valve (21), embolic pneumonia (26), nephritis (13) and renal infarction (12). The most common isolate(More)
Adult sheep were administered 12 mg thiocyanate (SCN-)/kg body weight orally twice a year in altogether 16 respectively 41 single doses under conventional keeping during the period of stabling (winter) in two consecutive years. Fattening lambs got an analogous SCN- dosage with altogether 4 respectively 34 single doses under intensive keeping. Aided by this(More)
6 (6.9%) of 87 examined dogs without diarrhoea proved to be carriers of Treponema (1x T. hyodysenteriae, 5x T. innocens), whereas in fecal samples from 62 dogs with enteric symptoms no isolation of Treponema succeeded. 5 fecal samples (3.7%) of cats without signs of diarrhoea were found to contain Treponema (1x T. hyodysenteriae, 4x T. innocens), whereas(More)
BACKGROUND Posaconazole is an extended-spectrum triazole antifungal used in the treatment and prophylaxis of Aspergillus infections. It is available as oral suspension (POS-Liq) and delayed-release tablets (POS-Tab). OBJECTIVES The aim of this longitudinal, retrospective study was to compare the clinical effectiveness, toxicity, and pharmacokinetics of(More)
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