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This report describes the authors' experience in the design and implementation of two large scale picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) during the past 10 years. The first system, which is in daily clinical operation was developed at University of California, Los Angeles from 1983 to 1992. The second system, which continues evolving, has been(More)
Nosocomial norovirus (NoV) infection is common and may lead to complications in vulnerable hospitalized patients. Understanding sources and modes of transmission of noroviruses within health care settings will support the design of evidence-based strategies for reducing introduction and further spread. We sequenced a highly variable segment of the genome to(More)
BACKGROUND It is not clear whether recent increases in life expectancy are accompanied by a concurrent postponement of activity limitations. The objective of this study was to give best estimates of the trend in the prevalence of activity limitations among the non-institutionalized population aged 55-84 years over the period 1990-2007 in The Netherlands. (More)
OBJECTIVES Data from the Netherlands indicate a recent increase in prevalence of chronic diseases and a stable prevalence of disability, suggesting that diseases have become less disabling. We studied the association between chronic diseases and activity limitations in the Netherlands from 1990 to 2008. METHODS Five surveys among noninstitutionalized(More)
OBJECTIVE This article presents methods for using administrative data to study multimorbidity in hospitalized individuals and indicates how the findings can be used to gain a deeper understanding of hospital multimorbidity. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING A Dutch nationwide hospital register (n=4,521,856) was used to calculate age- and sex-standardized(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term care is often associated with high health care expenditures. In the Netherlands, an ageing population will likely increase the demand for long-term care within the near future. The development of risk profiles will not only be useful for projecting future demand, but also for providing clues that may prevent or delay long-term care(More)
AIM Although some studies have examined the long-term effects of disasters, very little is known about severe persistent symptoms following disasters. The aim of the present study was to examine persistent mental health problems and to what extent disaster exposure predicts long-term persistent disturbances. METHODS Following a major disaster, a four-wave(More)
It has been demonstrated repeatedly that time to death is a much better predictor of health care expenditures than age. This is known as the 'red herring' hypothesis. In this article, we investigate whether this is also the case regarding disease-specific hospital expenditures. Longitudinal data samples from the Dutch hospital register (n=11 253 455) were(More)
BACKGROUND Lyme borreliosis (LB) is the most common tick-borne disease in the United States and Europe. The incidence is 13.4 per 100,000 inhabitants in the United States and more than 300 per 100,000 inhabitants in Europe. Children are at highest risk of LB. In the Netherlands in 2007, the incidence of tick bites in children between 10-14 years varied from(More)
A shortcoming of many economic evaluations is that they do not include all medical costs in life-years gained (also termed indirect medical costs). One of the reasons for this is the practical difficulties in the estimation of these costs. While some methods have been proposed to estimate indirect medical costs in a standardized manner, these methods fail(More)