Albert Tetuanui

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Mark-release-recapture methods were used to compare Aedes polynesiensis Marks adult numbers and dispersal between dry and wet seasons in a closed population on a small island (motu) in French Polynesia. Females were more than three times more common during wet (December 2008) than dry (May 2007) season samplings although high numbers of vectors were(More)
Two anthropophilic species are known from the Marquesas archipelago (French Polynesia): Simulium buissoni Roubaud, 1906 and S. sechani Craig & Fossati, 1995. The need to control them requires good knowledge about their larval growth, larvae being the only stage actually susceptible to control. A biometric study based on cephalic measures of the two species,(More)
A statistical analysis was conducted, in order to compare the variations in values of a) blood samples obtained with several finger-pricks from the same individual in a short period of time, and b) blood samples obtained from the same finger-puncture. No significant difference was observed: both groups seem to follow a negative binomial distribution, the(More)
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