Albert Solé-Ribalta

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Assessing the navigability of interconnected networks (transporting information, people, or goods) under eventual random failures is of utmost importance to design and protect critical infrastructures. Random walks are a good proxy to determine this navigability, specifically the coverage time of random walks, which is a measure of the dynamical(More)
In some methodologies, it is needed a consistent common labelling between the vertices of a graph set, for instance, to compute a representative of a set of graphs. This is an NP-complete problem with an exponential computational cost depending on the number of nodes and the number of graphs. In the current paper, we present two new methodologies to compute(More)
One of the more challenging tasks in the understanding of dynamical properties of models on top of complex networks is to capture the precise role of multiplex topologies. In a recent paper, Gómez et al. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 028701 (2013)], some of the authors proposed a framework for the study of diffusion processes in such networks. Here, we extend the(More)
The determination of the most central agents in complex networks is important because they are responsible for a faster propagation of information, epidemics, failures and congestion, among others. A challenging problem is to identify them in networked systems characterized by different types of interactions, forming interconnected multilayer networks. Here(More)
The estimation of the semantic similarity between terms provides a valuable tool to enable the understanding of textual resources. Many semantic similarity computation paradigms have been proposed both as general-purpose solutions or framed in concrete fields such as biomedicine. In particular, ontology-based approaches have been very successful due to(More)
In pattern recognition applications, it is useful to represent objects by attributed graphs considering their structural properties. Besides, some graph matching problems need a Common Labelling between vertices of a set of graphs. Computing this Common Labelling is an NP-complete problem. State-of-the-art algorithms are composed by two steps: in the first,(More)
Multiplex networks are receiving increasing interests because they allow to model relationships between networked agents on several layers simultaneously. In this letter, we extend well-known random walks to multiplexes and we introduce a new type of walk that can exist only in multiplexes. We derive exact expressions for vertex occupation time and the(More)