Albert Siu Cheong Yu

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Despite the theory of neutrino oscillations being rather old, some of its basic issues are still being debated in the literature. We discuss, in the framework of the wave packet approach, a number of such issues, including the relevance of the " same energy " and " same momentum " assumptions, the role of quantum-mechanical uncertainty relations in neutrino(More)
The sticking probability of atomic hydrogen on superfluid 4He has been measured for atom temperatures between 300 yuK and 4 mK. Data are presented for a superfluid 4He film at 85 mK on a sintered silver substrate with film thickness varied from 0.5 nm to a bulk puddle. The results of the sticking probability measurements for bulk 4He provide the first(More)
Finding a shortest path between any two nodes in a network have been studied over the past few decades. A lot of routing algorithms for distributed networks have been introduced. In this paper, we consider routing in a doubling metric space. The doubling dimension is defined as the minimum value of α such that any radius-r ball can be covered by at most 2(More)
Anesthesia complications in the parturient can be divided into 2 categories: those related to airway manipulation and those related to neuraxial anesthesia. Physiologic changes of pregnancy can lead to challenging intubating conditions in a patient at risk of aspiration. Neuraxial techniques are used to provide analgesia for labor and anesthesia for(More)
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