Albert Schnieders

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We have shown that STM-tip-induced chain polymerization of 10,12-tricosadiynoic acid (TCDA) in a self-organized monolayer at the liquid-solid interface of TCDA on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite is possible. The oligomers thus produced started at the point where a voltage pulse was applied between the STM tip and the sample during a short period when the(More)
Measuring discharge data in sewer networks serves to optimize planning and operation processes of water management in the urban sewer system, treatment plants and rivers. The efficiency of a measuring campaign is strongly dependent on positioning of the measuring section in relation to nonuniformities in the system. This paper concentrates on combining(More)
We have shown that the sensitive detection and in favorable cases the quantification of metals in organic materials by laser-SNMS with nonresonant multiphoton ionization (NRMPI) is possible. As a model system, sputter-deposited submonolayer coverages of metals on polymer surfaces (polycarbonate, poly(vinylidene chloride), polyimide) were investigated. By(More)
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