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The implementation of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence improving outcome guidelines (NICE-IOG) manual for head and neck cancer may have a huge potential cost implication. Head and neck cancer is a rare disease which utilises large quantities of resources which can only be provided in a tertiary centre. Head and neck cancer services should be(More)
Most of the existing wear testers created to wear test total hip replacements, specifically the acetabular component, are designed to exert only an axial force and provide rotation in a close approximation of the actual femoral movement. The Rocky Mountain Joint Simulator was designed to exert three orthogonal forces and provide rotations about the X-, Y-(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyse survival and toxicity outcomes in patients treated with primary intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) for oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (OPSCC) in the era of routine human papilloma virus (HPV) testing. DESIGN Single-institution case series. SETTING Tertiary Head and Neck Cancer Unit. PARTICIPANTS A total of 186(More)
BACKGROUND Sarcoma of the head and neck is a rare condition that poses significant challenges in management and often requires radical multimodality treatment. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to analyse current clinical presentation, evaluation, management dilemmas and oncological outcomes. METHODS Computer records and case notes were analysed, and 39(More)
Background:Locoregional recurrence is the major cause of treatment failure after surgery for oral squamous cell carcinoma. Molecular diagnostics have the potential to improve on clinicopathological parameters to predict this recurrence and plan adjuvant treatment. The test most frequently applied is based on detecting TP53 mutations, but alternative(More)
The goal of colostomy control (of the sigmoid colostomy) is the attainment by the patient of security, normal activity, and freedom from the fear of fecal leakage. The sentinels which guard this security are psychologic adjustment, a well-constructed stoma, an efficient system of irrigation, a suitable interval between irrigations, and an adequate diet(More)
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