Albert Rosich

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—This work focuses on residual generation for model-based fault diagnosis. Specifically, a methodology to derive residual generators when non-linear equations are present in the model is developed. A main result is the characterization of computational sequences that are particularly easy to implement as residual generators and that take causal information(More)
— The paper presents a new approach for control security. Specifically, cyber-attacks on the controller are investigated by means of optimization techniques in order to determine the worst-case scenario. Then, a novel attack detector based on limit checking is introduced. The particularity of this detector is that no specific controller knowledge is(More)
This paper proposes a new sensor placement approach for leak location in water distribution networks (WDNs). The sensor placement problem is formulated as an integer optimization problem. The optimization criterion consists in minimizing the number of non-isolable leaks according to the isolability criteria introduced. Because of the large size and(More)
Based on frequency-domain transformation technique, this paper proposes an attack detection scheme for stochastic control systems under stochastic cyber-attacks and disturbances. The focus is on designing an anomaly detector for the stochastic control systems. First, we construct a model of stochastic control system with stochastic cyber-attacks which(More)
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