Albert Rizaldi

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One barrier in introducing autonomous vehicle technology is the liability issue when these vehicles are involved in an accident. To overcome this, autonomous vehicle manufacturers should ensure that their vehicles always comply with traffic rules. This paper focusses on the safe distance traffic rule from the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. Ensuring(More)
— One significant barrier in introducing autonomous driving is the liability issue of a collision; e.g. when two autonomous vehicles collide, it is unclear which vehicle should be held accountable. To solve this issue, we view traffic rules from legal texts as requirements for autonomous vehicles. If we can prove that an autonomous vehicle always satisfies(More)
— Future collision avoidance systems, which are capable of fully controlling the vehicle, have to make critical decisions in a very short time. To do this, they need to check constantly if their own vehicle's occupancy collides with the other traffic participants' occupancy. Those collision checks consume a substantial amount of time and consequently, the(More)
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