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n The Lincoln Laboratory Grid (LLGrid) project was initiated to provide Laboratory staff with an effective way to exploit cluster computing as a solution to the demand for computational power in large-scale algorithm development, data analysis, and simulation tasks. Because sensor capabilities and demands continue to increase, the dataset sizes and(More)
—The Apache Accumulo database is an open source relaxed consistency database that is widely used for government applications. Accumulo is designed to deliver high performance on unstructured data such as graphs of network data. This paper tests the performance of Accumulo using data from the Graph500 benchmark. The Dynamic Distributed Dimensional Data Model(More)
— Big Data (as embodied by Hadoop clusters) and Big Compute (as embodied by MPI clusters) provide unique capabilities for storing and processing large volumes of data. Hadoop clusters make distributed computing readily accessible to the Java community and MPI clusters provide high parallel efficiency for compute intensive workloads. Bringing the big data(More)
— 1 The supercomputing and enterprise computing arenas come from very different lineages. However, the advent of commodity computing servers has brought the two arenas closer than they have ever been. Within enterprise computing, commodity computing servers have resulted in the development of a wide range of new cloud capabilities: elastic computing,(More)
Some of these advantages and challenges also apply to HPC in virtualized environments. In this paper, we analyze the effectiveness of using virtual machines in a high performance computing (HPC) environment. We propose adding some virtual machine capability to already robust HPC environments for specific scenarios where the productivity gained outweighs the(More)
The Lincoln Multifunction Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Testbed (LiMIT) is an airborne research laboratory for development, testing, and evaluation of sensors and processing algorithms. During flight tests it is desirable to process the sensor data to validate the sensors and to provide targets and images for use in other on board(More)
—The MIT SuperCloud database management system allows for rapid creation and flexible execution of a variety of the latest scientific databases, including Apache Accumulo and SciDB. It is designed to permit these databases to run on a High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) platform as seamlessly as any other HPCC job. It ensures the seamless migration of(More)