Albert Remke

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Applications of the Web of Things reach from smart shoes posting your running performance online, over the localization of goods in the production chain, to computing the insurance cost of cars based on the actually driven kilometers. Thereby, Web of Things applications follow the REST paradigm, i.e. access to things and their properties is offered via REST(More)
The term Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) was defined in the nineties as a set of policies, technologies and institutional arrangements for improving the availability and accessibility of spatial data and information. SDIs are typically driven by governmental organizations, and thus follow top-down structures based on regulations and agreements. The(More)
GEONETCast is a satellite-based dissemination system for a range of in-situ and remote sensing products. Enabling such products for the Web is interesting to ease a broad data access for industry and academia. In this context, standardized Web Service interfaces and data formats play an important role. In this article, we present an architecture for(More)
This paper investigates the survivability of a water cleaning facility using Fluid Stochastic Petri Nets (FSPN). Water cleaning facilities are responsible for providing drinking water to a specific district. The provided service is very important and makes such facilities belong to a nation’s critical infrastructures. Therefore, such a facility should be(More)
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