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—The Fire Effects Model Extension is a new extension to FVS and the PPE that allows users to simulate the effects of fire on a number of indicators, including stand structure and composition, fuel loading, and size and density of snags. In the absence of fire, the model can be used to simulate snag and fuel dynamics resulting from tree growth and mortality(More)
He has been an active participant in the development of the Forest Vegetation Simulator and its extensions since 1978. Estimates of percent canopy cover generated by the Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) are corrected for crown overlap using an equation presented in this paper. A comparison of the new cover estimate to some others is provided. The cover(More)
Imputation is applied for two quite different purposes: to supply missing data to complete a data set for subsequent modeling analyses or to estimate subpopulation totals. Error properties of the imputed values have different effects in these two contexts. We partition errors of imputation derived from similar observation units as arising from three(More)
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