Albert Perez

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We analyzed the cases of pyogenic arthritis from group B streptococcus (GBS), or, in nonpregnant adults diagnosed in the Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge, a 1,000-bed tertiary care teaching hospital in Barcelona, Spain, during a 10-year period, and we reviewed the available literature to summarize the experience with this infectious entity. From the(More)
DLBCL is an aggressive lymphoma treated with R-CHOP. Recently, attempts have been made to improve the outcome by increasing both dose-density and intensity but there have been no benefits in terms of survival. When treating malignancies RDI is important to consider but there is little published information on DLBCL. The purpose of this study was to analyze(More)
We report a high performance oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalyst based on vertically aligned, nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube (VA-NCNT) arrays. Characterization in conditions analogous to the operation of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell show ORR taking place on the catalyst at a favorable reduction potential with a superior current density and(More)
Based on the assumption that the link between stimulus and percept is of statistical nature, the subject of sensory communication is tackled from the standpoint of the Shannon's theory of information. After introduction of the general mathematical model identifying the given source of stimuli to an abstract information source and the given channel of(More)