Albert Parra

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In this paper, we propose an extension to our previous work on food portion size estimation using a single image and a multi-view volume estimation method. The single-view technique estimates food volume by using prior information (segmentation and food labels) generated from food identification methods we described earlier. For multi-view volume(More)
Zhu, Fengqing Ph.D., Purdue University, December 2011. Multilevel Image Segmentation with Application in Dietary Assessment and Evaluation. Major Professor: Edward J. Delp. This thesis describes methods for image analysis, including image calibration, image segmentation, features extraction and classification with emphasis on the segmentation of non-rigid(More)
Law enforcement is interested in exploiting tattoos as an information source to identify, track and prevent gang-related crimes. Many tattoo image retrieval systems have been described. In a retrieval system tattoo segmentation is an important step for retrieval accuracy since segmentation removes background information in a tattoo image. Existing(More)
In this paper we investigate a method for selectively modifying a video stream using a color contrast sensitivity model based on the human visual system. The model identifies regions of high variance with frame to frame differences that are visually imperceptible to a human observer with normal color vision. The model is based on the CIELAB and the CIE ΔE94(More)
Lou, Ying Chen. Ph.D., Purdue University, December 2010. Video Frames Interpolation Using Adaptive Warping . Major Professors: Mark J.T. Smith and Edward Delp. In this dissertation, a strategy for high fidelity scaling of video frames to higher resolutions is introduced. The method employed is a combination of block matching-based motion estimation and(More)
Zhao, Bin Ph.D., Purdue University, December 2014. Image Analysis Using Visual Saliency with Applications in Hazmat Sign Detection and Recognition. Major Professor: Edward J. Delp. Visual saliency is the perceptual process that makes attractive objects “stand out” from their surroundings in the low-level human visual system. Visual saliency has been modeled(More)
Ng, Ka Ki Ph.D., Purdue University, December 2011. Background Subtraction and Object Tracking with Applications in Visual Surveillance. Major Professor: Edward J. Delp. Visual surveillance has been a very active research topic in the last few years due to its growing importance in security, law enforcement, and military applications. More and more(More)
Magnetic sensors are key elements in our interconnected smart society. Their sensitivity becomes essential for many applications in fields such as biomedicine, computer memories, geophysics, or space exploration. Here we present a universal way of increasing the sensitivity of magnetic sensors by surrounding them with a spherical metamaterial shell with(More)
In this paper we describe three methods for recognition, segmentation and retrieval of gang graffiti images. The first method is color recognition based on touchscreen tracing, the second method is color image segmentation based on Gaussian thresholding and the third method is content based image retrieval. Our experimental results show an image retrieval(More)
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