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The authors reviewed the prenatal (11 infants) and postnatal (17 infants) sonograms and the clinical, surgical, and pathologic findings in 17 infants with an ovarian cyst to determine the sonographic features and natural history of neonatal ovarian cysts. An uncomplicated cyst (nontwisted, nonhemorrhagic) was completely anechoic and the cyst wall was(More)
The uterus in the neonate is prominent and readily identified on ultrasonography (US). The neonatal uterus is larger than the prepubertal uterus as a result of residual stimulation from maternal hormones. The uterus was visualized in 31 of 35 (89%) infant girls examined with real-time US. Mean uterine length was 3.4 cm. The majority of the uteri were(More)
The sonographic examinations of four patients with simple ectopic ureters and 11 with ectopic ureteroceles were reviewed to determine distinguishing characteristics. Ectopic ureters, in cases of extreme dilatation and tortuosity, sometimes mimic multiseptated, cystic abdominal masses. However, the proximal portions of some severely dilated ureters are(More)
When an interlabial mass is seen on physical examination in a little girl, there is often confusion about its etiology, its implications, and what should be done next. Five common interlabial masses, which superficially are strikingly similar, include a prolapsed ectopic ureterocele, a prolapsed urethra, a paraurethral cyst, hydro-(metro)colpos, and(More)
Ballet dancers are athletes susceptible to ligamentous and bony injury. We reviewed retrospectively the bone scans (technetium-99m methylene diphosphonate) of 23 ballet dancers with pain in the back and/or lower extremities to determine the usefulness of scintigraphy in the detection of stress lesions of bone. The scintigraphic studies in 19 dancers(More)
What is the nature of the representation underlying memory for future tasks such as calling the doctor or buying milk? If this representation consists of a verbal instruction that is translated into action at the time of retrieval, then memory should be better when tested via verbatim recall of the instruction than when tested via actual performance. Three(More)
The prenatal sonograms of 15 fetuses with sacrococcygeal teratoma were reviewed to determine the sonographic appearance and the role of sonography in the obstetric management. Each tumor appeared as a large mass arising from the fetal rump. The teratomas exhibited three sonographic patterns: nine were mixtures of cystic and solid components in equal(More)