Albert Missoni

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– Today's passive RFID tags are designed and constructed for one frequency band and optimized for maximum performance. But many applications in transportation and identification could profit from the benefits of two-or multi-resonant systems and could deliver enhanced solutions. This article shows a new concept for a dual power system functional at EPC HF(More)
In this paper, the implementation of a sample rate converter for arbitrary sampling rates is presented. The focus is especially on VoIP systems which are used for safety critical applications. In this systems, the sampling rates are nominally equal, but different clock sources cause slight differences. By using SystemC and high level synthesis it was(More)
A nonlinear RFID frontend behavioral model has been developed. By using this model the simulation time for inlay optimizations can be decreased considerably and the models hide the IC manufacturer's intellectual properties. The inherent model order reduction is based on nonlinear state-space mapping using derivative coordinates and harmonic-balance(More)
In this paper a new voltage reference circuit concept is introduced. The presented voltage reference circuit is especially useful for low power applications. The reference circuit has two modes: the high accuracy and the low power mode. During the high accuracy mode the energy consumption is much higher than during the low power mode where accuracy is(More)
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