Albert Messmer

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Real-data testing results of a real-time nonlinear freeway traffic state estimator are presented with a particular focus on its adaptive features. The pursued general approach to the real-time adaptive estimation of complete traffic state in freeway stretches or networks is based on stochastic nonlinear macroscopic traffic flow modeling and extended Kalman(More)
The paper presents a real-time freeway network traffic surveillance tool RENAISSANCE that enables traffic state estimation and short-term traffic state prediction, travel time estimation and prediction as well as queue tracking, based on a limited amount of real-time measurements. The paper first introduces the macroscopic freeway network traffic flow model(More)
This paper reports on some large-scale field-testing results of a real-time freeway network traffic surveillance tool that has recently been developed to enable a number of real-time traffic surveillance tasks. This paper first introduces the related network traffic flow model and the approaches employed to traffic state estimation, traffic state(More)