Albert Messmer

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Keywords: Stochastic macroscopic traffic flow model Extended Kalman filter Freeway traffic state estimation Joint state and parameter estimation Congestion Weather conditions Traffic incidents Detector faults Traffic incident alarm Detector fault alarm a b s t r a c t Real-data testing results of a real-time nonlinear freeway traffic state estimator are(More)
The impact of variable speed limits (VSL) on the aggregate traffic flow behaviour is reflected in the quantitative model proposed in this paper. VSL are incorporated in a general second-order traffic flow model as an additional control component. The integrated motorway network traffic control problem is formulated as a constrained discrete-time optimal(More)
—This paper reports on some large-scale field-testing results of a real-time freeway network traffic surveillance tool that has recently been developed to enable a number of real-time traffic surveillance tasks. This paper first introduces the related network traffic flow model and the approaches employed to traffic state estimation, traffic state(More)
This paper addresses the design of traffic state estimator for traffic flow in motorway stretches. Motorway traffic dynamics is modelled by a stochastic macroscopic traffic flow model, while a traffic state estimator is designed based on the extended-Kalman-filtering methodology. Besides the estimation of normal traffic variables, the developed traffic(More)