Albert M. Ramon

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Linkages of Ywp1 to other components of the Yarrowia lipolytica mycelial cell wall were studied by extraction with beta-mercaptoethanol and zymolyase (a beta-glucanase complex) and by the use of rabbit polyclonal antibody preparation raised against Ywp1. Ywp1 complexed with an N-glycosylated cell wall protein(s) to form supramolecular complexes through(More)
The reliability of serum aminotransferase (ASAT and ALAT) levels, currently used in deciding on performing liver biopsy and to assess interferon therapy in chronic hepatitis C has been questioned. In Belgium, interferon therapy is actually only reimbursed for treatment of chronic hepatitis C when serum aminotransferase levels are more than twice the upper(More)
A cDNA clone specifying a cell wall protein was isolated from a Yarrowia lipolytica cDNA library. The cDNA library was constructed in the expression vector lambda gt 11, with the RNA isolated from actively growing mycelial cells. The deduced amino acid sequence shows that the encoded protein contains an N-terminal hydrophobic signal peptide. We have(More)
We report on a patient who developed extensive centrolobular liver necrosis after a treatment with low-dose (25 mg/kg/d) pyrazinamide for only 4 weeks, combined with rifampicin, 600 mg/d). In the past, the patient already developed severe aminotransferase elevations under isoniazid treatment. After prompt withdrawal of the drugs, a gradual decline of the(More)
Documentation of gastrointestinal lesions in Brucella infections is sparse. A case of Brucella melitensis type 3 infection accompanied by erosive lesions of the colon, observed by endoscopy and histopathologic examination, is reported. Such gastrointestinal lesions have not been described since 1934. Before 1934 only postmortem observations are recorded.
Thirty patients with AIDS-related complex/Walter-Reed 5 enrolled in a placebo-controlled double-blind study with high-dose intravenous gammaglobulin administration were tested by quantitating HIV Western blot and other serological tests for viral antibodies. Furthermore, conventional virus isolation attempts were performed. Absence or loss of p24 antibodies(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Hepatitis B virus specific T cell responses are crucial for viral elimination but their nature is not fully understood. METHODS We studied the regulation of proliferation and cytokine production after antigenic stimulation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from chronically HBV-infected patients and subjects with natural immunity after(More)