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DNA triplex structures can block the replication fork and result in double-stranded DNA breaks (DSBs). RecQ and RecG helicases may be important for replication of such sequences as RecQ resolves synthetic triplex DNA structures and RecG mediates replication restart by fork regression. Primer extension on an 88 bp triplex-forming polypurine.polypyrimidine(More)
Over the past few decades, the usage of unmanned vehicles has grown exponentially, expanding into applications such as the automation of industrial processes and automobiles. However, their utility has often been limited by operational concerns. Fully controlled unmanned vehicles require multiple human operators, while their fully autonomous counterparts(More)
The rapid growth of networking, data sharing, and the Internet has made computer security an important part of computer research and development. A number of highly secure operating systems have been developed to handle the increasing need for security. These operating systems, typically called Trusted Operating Systems, offer a number of security(More)
Patients who have had surgical bladder augmentation have an increased risk of bladder malignancy, though the mechanism for this increased risk is unknown. Hyperosmolal microenvironments such as the bladder may impair DNA damage signaling and repair; this effect may be more pronounced in tissues not normally exposed to such conditions. Comparing gastric and(More)
BACKGROUND Children with complex urogenital anomalies often require bladder reconstruction. Gastrointestinal tissues used in bladder augmentations exhibit a greatly increased risk of malignancy, and the bladder microenvironment may play a role in this carcinogenesis. Investigating the influences of the bladder microenvironment on gastrointestinal and(More)
We predicted the average and perceived journalistic objectivity in online news articles based on the text of the article and data collected on the individual user reading the article, in order to better understand both how journalistic bias relates to the text of an article alone, and how reader demographics and political leanings influence the perceived(More)
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