Albert L. Schoute

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For real-time applications in a distributed system a common notion of time is indispensable. Clocks are used for time measurement, determination of causality, process synchronization and generating unique identjfications. All this is only possible if there is a time reference of specified accuracy. Since the local clocks in a distributed system tend to drvt(More)
In this paper a data sharing framework for multi-threaded, distributed control programs is described that is realized in C++ by means of only a few, powerful classes and templates. Fast data exchange of entire data structures is supported using sockets as communication medium. Access methods are provided that preserve data consistency and synchronize the(More)
  • A L Schoute, M Poel, A F Van Der Stappen, I Samenvatting
  • 2006
This thesis describes improvements with respect to motion planning and control in the MI20 robot soccer system. Technologies from the fields of artificial intelligence , control theory, embedded systems and motion planning are used. To compete in the MiroSot category with mini-sized mobile robots requires playing skills for ball handling control. The(More)
This article describes an operating environment for control systems. This environment contains the basic layers of a distributed operating system. The design of this operating environment is based on the requirements demanded by controllers which can be found in complex control systems. Due to the nature of real-time control systems, special attention has(More)
Physiological and biological experiments often require the imposition of repeated influences on an organ or organic system. Then the experimental protocol requires many repetitive functions with adjustable interval times and magnitudes, which are prepared or dictated by experimental results. To control such an experimental set-up interactively with a small(More)
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