Albert L. Picchioni

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OBJECTIVE Cardiomyoplasty represents a controversial therapy for chronic heart failure. The aim of this study is to review our experience of such a surgical procedure as an isolate approach to treat refractory left ventricular dysfunction. METHODS Twenty-two patients were considered candidates for cardiomyoplasty because of chronic heart failure. Mean age(More)
Rats that received cadmium 300 ppm in drinking water (average daily cadmium intake = 4.5 mg/rat) for 12 wk attained peak cadmium levels of 112, 34, and 19 mug/g in hair, liver, and kidney, respectively, at week 4. Rats that ingested cadmium 200 ppm (average daily cadmium intake = 3.6 mg/rat) for 13 wk attained peak cadmium levels of 29 mug/g in kidney at(More)
The preparation of charcoal in a 70% sorbitol solution results in a suspension that is more palatable and less gritty than an aqueous slurry of charcoal. Although the charcoal-sorbitol mixture may be slightly less effective in reducing the extent of aspirin absorption compared with a charcoal slurry, it may prove to be of particular value in those cases(More)