Albert Jones

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Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology are developing a virtual manufacturing cell. This cell will contain simulation models of a wide range of manufacturing equipment, processes, and systems. It will have commercial and prototype applications software which implement production functions from order release to final inspection.(More)
This paper proposes an integration test-bed system for supply chain management, which forms the foundation for the construction of a valued manufacturing chain. The core system of the test-bed is a hierarchical simulation system to support production management in supply chain. The test-bed possesses sub-components linked with the simulation system. These(More)
We describe an architecture to validate new tools in support of interoperability provisioning processes that take place within industrial communities. We start from a best-practices standards development process where an industry community develops interoperability specifications that are used by vendors to make their software applications compliant to the(More)
Preface The High Performance Computing and Communication (HPCC) program [1] was formally established by the High Performance Computing Act of 1991 (Public Law 102-194). The goal of this program is to accelerate the development of future generations of high performance computers and networks and the use of these resources in the government and throughout the(More)
Modern manufacturing enterprises must collaborate with a large number of suppliers to design and produce their products. Management of these supply chains is crucial. This paper proposes a system framework for supply chain management, which will form the foundation for the construction of an integration test-bed. This testbed will focus on production &(More)