Albert J. Porth

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The commercial use of the World Wide Web causes an extensive change in information technology. Web browser are becoming the universal front-end for all kinds of client-server applications. The possibilities of telematics offer a base for multimedia applications, for instance telelearning. Learning is not limited by geography and does not cause pressure of(More)
The combination of new and rapidly developing interactive multimedia computers and applications with electronic networks will require a restructuring of our traditional approach to strategic planning and organizational structure. Worldwide telecommunication networks (using satellites, cable) are now facilitating the global pooling of healthcare information(More)
Members of the Expert Panel on Analytical Systems: C. A. Burtis (USA), Chairman, T. D. Geary (Australia), T. Sasaki (Japan). Members ofthe Expert Panel on Enzymes: R. Rej (USA), Chairman, M. Hrder (Denmark), M. Mathieu (France), L. Shaw (USA), J. H. Strmme (Norway). To whom enquiries and reprint requests should be addressed: Zentralkrankenhaus, Institut(More)
Computer-assisted processing of medical laboratory data started in the sixties. The earliest systems, which arose in English- and German-speaking laboratories, pointed the way for the development of laboratory data processing. The significance and evolution of the fundamental components of a laboratory information system, such as the placing of the request(More)