Albert J. Peters

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Archived background soils ("Broadbalk', 1944-1986) and sludge-amended soils ("Luddington", 1968-1990), collected from long-term agricultural experiments in the UK, were analyzed for a range of organochlorine (OC) pesticides to establish trends over time. Concentrations typically ranged from 0.1 to 10 ng/g of soil (dry weight), with(More)
The ant social parasite, Maculinea rebeli shows high levels of host specificity at a regional scale. While 68–88% of caterpillars in the field are adopted by nonhost Myrmica ants, 95–100% of the butterflies emerge from the natural host M. schencki the following year. While retrieval of preadoption caterpillars is specific to the genus Myrmica, it does not(More)
A new and unique vegetation greenness forecast (VGF) model was designed to predict future vegetation conditions to three months through the use of current and historical climate data and satellite imagery. The VGF model is implemented through a seasonality-adjusted autoregressive distributed-lag function, based on our finding that the normalized difference(More)
The binding of americium (Am) by peat humic acid (PHA) has been investigated at Am concentrations between 10(-1) and 10(-7) M at pH approximately 2.6 in the presence and absence of Cu as a competing ion. Cu-PHA binding was also investigated in order to derive independent binding constants for use in modeling the competitive binding studies. Humic(More)
El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is considered one of the most powerful forces driving anomalous global weather patterns. Large-scale seasonal precipitation and temperature changes influenced by ENSO have been examined in many areas of the world. The southeastern United States is one of the regions affected by ENSO events. In this study, remote sensing(More)
There is a global concern about the increase in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. One method being discussed to encourage greenhouse gas mitigation efforts is based on a trading system whereby carbon emitters can buy effective mitigation efforts from farmers implementing conservation tillage practices. These practices sequester carbon from the(More)
BACKGROUND Artificial insemination is a commonly performed procedure for the treatment of various forms of infertility. Infectious complications have only rarely been noted as a complication of intrauterine insemination (IUI). CASE In this presentation, we report the first case of an ovarian abscess following IUI with the husband's semen. Despite(More)
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