Albert Hodapp

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The purpose of this study was to provide data on the validity of using the WPPSI--R with 16 preschoolers who had been referred for psychological assessment. A comparison of the preschoolers' performance on the WPPSI--R and the Stanford-Binet L-M was made. Children ranged in age from 3-0 to 6-0 years, with a mean age of 4-5 yr. The correlations between(More)
An irradiation phantom was used to measure dose increases using the backscatter of different materials (titanium, steel, lead, aluminum). Telecobalt 60 and 8 MeV photons were used for the irradiation. The radiation dose was measured by means of a defined x-ray film blackening. The most important parameter was to find out whether under stimulated conditions(More)
To order the complete compilation report, use: ADA404787 The component part is provided here to allow users access to individually authored sections [he context of the overall compilation report and not as a stand-alone technical report. We have evaluated the feasibility of a long range bombardment coilgun launcher and a suite of compatible projectiles. We(More)
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