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— Vehicular Communication (VC) systems are on the verge of practical deployment. Nonetheless, their security and privacy protection is one of the problems that have been tackled only recently. In order to show the feasibility of secure VC, implementations are required. In [8] we have discussed the design of a VC security system that has emerged as a result(More)
—Characteristics and requirements of vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) differ quite significantly compared to standard ad hoc networks. Especially trust in VANETs is very important but still open issue, which will be addressed in this paper. We will describe, discuss and assess approaches and concepts that were proposed in ordinary fixed networks and(More)
Previous research in mobile data management has been focused on scenarios where mobile clients replace fixed ones. However, not all potential application fields of mobile computing fit into this scenario. There exist scenarios where mobile clients will not replace but accompany fixed ones. In this paper we introduce a real world application scenario(More)
The paper describes a mobile application for traffic telematics, based on the Jini middleware. The application is realized as a set of user-level services, characterized by following properties: The services should be proactive, i.e. they act on behalf of the user based on the user's preferences. Secondly, context information derived from floating car data(More)
—The growth in information technology and connec-tivity has enabled a significant range of new functionalities in modern automobiles, such as telematics wireless interfaces via Wi-Fi. At the same time, the protection of privacy is becoming a major concern and questions are being raised regarding the need for current privacy concepts to be extended or even(More)