Albert Hein

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BACKGROUND Computational state space models (CSSMs) enable the knowledge-based construction of Bayesian filters for recognizing intentions and reconstructing activities of human protagonists in application domains such as smart environments, assisted living, or security. Computational, i. e., algorithmic, representations allow the construction of(More)
Long-term assessment of ambulatory behavior and joint motion are valuable tools for the evaluation of therapy effectiveness in patients with neuromuscular disorders and gait abnormalities. Even though there are several tools available to quantify ambulatory behavior in a home environment, reliable measurement of joint motion is still limited to laboratory(More)
As information technology interweaves with our daily environment, new modes of interaction will be required. In this paper, we suggest a gesture-based approach and present a prototypical case study for a gesture controlled mobile assistant system for an industrial application domain. We discuss a number of design requirements , that are common to(More)