Albert Hasper

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A model is presented to calculate the step coverage of blanket tungsten low pressure chemical vapor deposition (W-LPCVD) from tungs ten hexafluoride (WF6). The model can calculate tungsten growth in trenches and circular contact holes, in the case of the WF6 reduction by H2, Sill4, or both. The step coverage model predictions have been verified(More)
The N-terminus of the H(+)-ATPase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae contains a serine-rich cluster of 11 serine residues in the first 17 amino acids, including a stretch of eight consecutive serine residues. This cluster is conserved in the weakly expressed PMA2 gene from the same organism, but it is not present in PMA genes from other organisms suggesting that(More)
The growth rate of selective tungsten using tungsten hexafluoride (WF6) and silane (Sill4) was measured in situ by measuring the time-reflectance curve during selective deposition on a grating or contact window pattern etched in oxide on a silicon substrate. Ex situ measurements were performed by step-height and weight-increase measurement. The growth rate(More)
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