Albert Frantz

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The prolactin response to neuroleptics can serve as an index of dopamine blockade in humans. Plasma prolactin increments to single doses of chlorpromazine, and prolactin decrements to single doses of levodopa, were similar in normal and schizophrenic subjects. Antischizophrenic drugs of all chemical classes stimulated prolactin release,while chemically(More)
Concentrations of beta-endorphin were measured in the venous effluent of the hypothalamus (hypophyseal portal blood) at various phases of the menstrual cycle and after ovariectomy in rhesus and pigtailed monkeys. In the rhesus, beta-endorphin concentrations were high during the mid- to late follicular phase [737 +/- 256 pg/ml (mean +/- SE)] and the luteal(More)
beta-endorphin has been identified in human plasma by means of gel filtration and a sensitive radioimmunoassay for human beta-endorphin (beta h-endorphin). Mean baseline plasma beta h-endorphin concentration in 5 individuals was 21 +/- 7.3 (SD) pg/ml (6.2 +/- 2.2 (SD) fmole/ml). Following metyrapone stimulation mean plasma concentration increased to 55.4(More)