Albert F Rielly

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RATIONALE Interferon-γ release assays have significant advantages over tuberculin skin testing in many clinical situations. However, recent studies have called into question their reliability in serial testing of healthcare workers because of reportedly high rates of positivity and high conversion/reversion rates on retesting. OBJECTIVES To define the(More)
INTRODUCTION Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is common among commercial drivers and associated with health/safety risks, leading several trucking firms to mandate OSA screening. METHODS A total of 19,371 commercial drivers were screened for OSA with an online questionnaire (Somni-Sage reg) through employer mandates. Questionnaire and polysomnography results(More)
The cDNA corresponding to exons 2-4 of the processed human plasminogen (Pgn) gene, encoding the N-terminal peptide domain (NTP), has been cloned, expressed in Escherichia coli as a recombinant protein (r-NTP) containing a hexahistidine tag, and refolded to the native structure that contains two internal cystine bridges. RNA expression of the two Pgn-related(More)
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